• Spectre
  • Spectre is a meditation on decay and death; on the ways memory haunts and affects the present. The film was shot on Yugoslav Navy Yacht GALEB which Josip Broz Tito used for parties, foreign visits and diplomacy. Once a glamorous symbol of Yugoslav history, the yacht now sits abandoned in a shipyard.

    Produced in collaboration with The SIZ Gallery and Kamov Residency Programme, Rijeka
    Supported by The City of Rijeka - Department of Culture, Primorsko-goranska County, Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia

    Image: Srđan Kovačević
    Editing: Pauline Piris-Nury
    Sound: Èlg
    Production coordinator: Nemanja Cvijanović
    Production assistent: Romano Perić
    Shooting format: HD
    Screening format: HDCAM / Blu-ray
    Duration: 7min 30sec
    Color: yes
    Screening ratio: 16:9
    FPS: 25
    Sound: stereo
    Date of production: December, 2012